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Cadeau Empoisonné

The first original and unusual gift shop

Our Poisoned Gift store was designed in March 2023. We sell original and unusual gifts as well as new challenges.

Our gifts are carefully crafted to target your ex, your irritating neighbor, your demanding mother-in-law, your bossy boss, your teasing friend, your overly nosy co-worker, or anyone else who deserves a touch of wry humor. The shipments are completely anonymous, but if you prefer, we can add your name in large letters to the box, for an even more intense surprise effect.

We stock everything we sell, allowing us to provide fast and free deliveries to our customers.

Total discretion is our commitment when shipping our gifts, but if you prefer, your name can be prominently written on the box for an even more memorable effect. Our mission is to help you accomplish your revenge while showing a complicit smile. Black humor is our essential ally to help you achieve your most delicious revenge.

Come see all our products directly on our online store.


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